LNP4 | NEXT in the Metaverse Church

Series: Virtual Reality & the Church

October 3, 2022


Leadership Network Podcast | Episode 4

Guest: DJ Soto, Lead Pastor, VR/MMO Church
Host: Jeff Reed – Metaverse Church NEXT Director

Let’s get a sneak peek of the future. Actually, it’s not really the future; it’s already here. Web3 is typically defined as the third generation of online services. Let’s use some fun words: artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, blockchain, bitcoin… the future is already here. What does your church look like through the web3 lens?

For the conversation we’re bringing in DJ Soto, Lead Pastor of VR/MMO Church and arguably the Bishop to the metaverse. As the pioneer to church in the metaverse, DJ has been doing virtual reality church for years now. And while many find VR controversial, acceptance of a metaverse ecclesiology has allowed DJ to progress further down the road, addressing many of these web3 context through his VR/MMO Church. By the way, MMO is “Massive Multiplayer Online” video games. So, DJ is multiplying churches not only in virtual reality, but in role playing games like Final Fantasy, Rust, Black Desert online, and others.

Freaking out? Don’t. Jump on the Metaverse Church NEXT and join us in a conversation on what your church could look like tomorrow, and what steps you should be taking today.


Explore and understand the future of the metaverse church. We’ll explore aspects of the meta mission field, the Church in the metaverse, even what discipleship and multiplication can look like in the metaverse. Through the interviews hosted on Metaverse Church NEXT we’ll address the technical, theological, and tactical approaches that churches are wrestling with today in virtual reality, augmented reality, and even innovation in general. Metaverse Church NEXT broadcasts Wednesday, 12:30 p.m. Eastern.

To learn more at Leadership Network, visit leadnet.org and for more conversations on Metaverse Church NEXT click here.

To watch the conversation, visit https://mult-archive.em02.enthusiastinc.net/event/web-3-0-and-the-future-church/

DJ Soto

DJ Soto

Believing that faith is renewed as people engage with the good news of God’s love on new technology platforms, D.J. Soto began preaching in the metaverse in 2016. Originally thinking they would plant physical churches, they soon realized a new vision to plant churches in the metaverse. He is now the Bishop of Virtual Reality Church and MMO Church, which are futuristic church expressions that is intended to be radically inclusive and consistent with Christianity’s long history of adapting to new forms of media.  
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