LNP6 | NEXT in the Metaverse Church

Series: Virtual Reality & the Church

October 3, 2022


Leadership Network Podcast | Episode 6

Guest: VRTiger, Lead Pastor, Oasis Church VR
Host: Jeff Reed – Metaverse Church NEXT Director

Web3 technology is said to be ushering in the “age of experiences.” Gamers use this technology for incredible simulations, and communicators and educators are using virtual experiences as opportunities for learning. What does this mean for preaching? How can virtual reality solidify the educational impact of our metaverse churches?

Let’s bring VRTiger into the conversation. As lead pastor of a metaverse church plant called Oasis Church VR, VRTiger is a creative director by day, and a worldbuilder by night. Building new worlds almost weekly, VRTiger designs his sermons to become an experience, taking people into the environments taught in the Bible. Part of the sermon is a monologue where VRTiger is preaching live, flying in front of a virtual 90-inch screen. The other part of his sermon? Walking a VR world where the audience discusses and experiences different scenes like the crucifixion on the hill of Golgotha or the biblical tabernacle in Leviticus, all built in virtual reality.

So jump into this special Metaverse Church NEXT show—filmed entirely in Microsoft’s AltSpace VR—to experience these worlds through Jeff’s eyes and better understand the potential of sermons offered in virtual reality.


Explore and understand the future of the metaverse church. We’ll examine aspects of the meta mission field, the Church in the metaverse, even what discipleship and multiplication can look like in the metaverse. Through the interviews hosted on Metaverse Church NEXT we’ll address the technical, theological, and tactical approaches that churches are wrestling with today in virtual reality, augmented reality, and even innovation in general. Metaverse Church NEXT broadcasts Wednesday, 12:30 p.m. Eastern.

To learn more at Leadership Network, visit leadnet.org and for more conversations on Metaverse Church NEXT click here.

To watch the conversation, visit https://mult-archive.em02.enthusiastinc.net/event/the-sermon-experience-in-virtual-reality/



VRTiger and his wife Midnight Ad (their metaverse handles) are the lead pastors of Oasis Church VR. Their day jobs are in interactive media (design/marketing agency work). But by night, and Sundays especially, their desire is to create an environment where people can experience God like never before.
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