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Is Evangelism a Lost Cause?

Interactive Workbook Series

Is evangelism a lost cause? This is a question we will explore in the months leading up to our next global gathering in Orlando. 

Join us as we consider what it means to share the gospel with our friends, families, co-workers, and communities, and how we can inspire others to increase their own capacity for evangelism.

Each Workbook in the Lost Cause series includes both instructional content from evangelism experts Dave Ferguson and Rick Richardson and reflection questions designed to help you think through your own understanding of the theory and practice of evangelism in your context. 

NEW Workbook 2  — Core Values of Evangelism by evangelism expert Dr. Rick Richardson. 

Why do we engage in the work of evangelism? In this second of five workbooks in our Lost Cause series, we’ll be talking about the first element we need to create a culture of evangelism: our values.

At the center of any culture are values—convictions of the mind, and passions of the heart.

What do we believe?
What do we care about?
What is the most important thing we need to be doing right now?

A strong culture has deeply embedded values. You see them, you hear them, and you feel them! Values are what we embed deeply into the DNA of our lives and church.

Download the second workbook in our Lost Cause series to explore your values as they relate to evangelism. 

Additional workbooks and upcoming release dates include: 

Workbook 1: Revitalizing Evangelism 

Workbook 3: Narratives of Evangelism (January 2023) 

Workbook 4: Behaviors of Evangelism Cultures (February 2023) 

Workbook 5: Multiplication of Evangelism (March 2023)

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