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Welcome to the Made for More Podcast Series

Episode 1 featuring Rob Wegner

October 18, 2018

By Todd Wilson

Rob Wegner: Made for More Podcast

Interview with Rob Wegner

For the first time in Exponential’s 14-year history, our annual theme will take us through a book of the Bible. Our themes have always been inspired by Scripture and aligned with key verses, but this is the first time we will walk together chapter-by-chapter through Scripture.

As we explore our 2019 theme, “Made for More: Mobilizing God’s People, God’s Way,” we will look at Paul’s letter to the church of Ephesus. I couldn’t be more excited about this because this conversation is not just for church leaders. Paul wrote Ephesians for the body of Christ to help them discover God’s design for the church and the fullness of the mission God has for every single person He has created.

To kick off our theme, we’re launching a new “Made for More” podcast series. This week in the first episode, Rob Wegner and I share why we’re both so excited about this “Made for More” conversation and introduce a resource kit we just created for churches.

Rob just wrote a book on calling, Find Your Place (releasing in March at Exponential 2019), works with NewThing Network and is a teaching pastor at Westside Family Church in Kansas City. He loves the local church and believes in the impact of multiplying it. He’s a busy guy. And yet, he’s taking time and energy to focus on this resource.

In his words, “One of the things every pastor has to ask themselves is, ‘How do I help God’s people find their gifts and get engaged in God’s mission?’”

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In this first episode, Rob and I dive into this need and the disconnect that often happens as the church mobilizes volunteers versus equips them to find their ministry. As Rob says, the way we’ve mobilized volunteers has people seeing ministry as something they do for two hours a week on Sunday serving in the children’s department instead of seeing ministry as their life calling, both as disciple makers and in that, a personal, unique calling that helps them see they were made for more.

It is, Rob says (and I agree) the No. 1 strangulation point for churches in America.

We also introduce this new free downloadable resource (including 20 high-quality videos) that’s designed first and foremost for church leadership teams and elders to help you walk through catalytic conversations with your leadership teams as you study Ephesians together and apply the concepts in your context.

And finally, Rob does a quick fly-by of each of the six shifts we have identified as we pressed into Ephesians—shifts to help you create a church culture or DNA that facilitates this change in how we think about mobilizing God’s people.

Today and in the coming weeks, we hope you join us for this critical conversation as we unpack each of these shifts.



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