In the present state of rapidly shifting guidelines for gathering and efforts to mitigate risk for those most vulnerable in our midst, churches are faced with tough decisions and even tougher long-term realities. In order to continue to carry the fulness of Jesus to every corner of society when “social distancing” is now the norm, this may be the moment to leverage micro like never before.

Microchurch leader Rob Wegner and church multiplication expert Ralph Moore are teaming up in this webinar to discuss how the church today can tap into the micro expressions which may actually fuel greater growth and depth of community.

Key Highlights

  • Lessons from the early micro expressions of the Church
  • How to decentralize community and disciple making
  • What gatherings look can like in smaller forms, including childcare and sacraments
  • The intersection of giving and mission in decentralized settings

To learn more about microchurches and micro strategies, check out Exponential’s FREE Microchurch Resource Kit by clicking here.

Q&A with Ralph Moore

After this webinar, Exponential sat down with one of the panelists – Ralph Moore – to ask some of the burning questions our audience had. Read the full Q&A here.

Microchurch Resources

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