Project: Mighty Pursuit
Leader: Matthew and Pamela Thompson


We exist to bridge the gap that currently exists between non-Christians and Jesus in the West.

Project Categories

  • Digital Engagement and Technology Models and Methods
  • Disciple Making and Church Engagement
  • Other – Innovative, unique projects that may not fit in an identified category but still fulfill our mission of church multiplication

Big Idea and Overview

We’ve been building a digital hub which reintroduces Jesus and his way to the world. Specifically, we’re engaging Millennials and Generation Z via digital innovation and expertise. The approach is to take quantifiable data, algorithmically analyze, and then personalize our response to meet the individual at their unique and specific barrier. Whether that barrier is intellectual, relational, or experiential, we tailor our effort through what we refer to as our ‘Digital Playbook,’ strategically sowing seeds to address the misconceptions and misunderstandings that prohibit a clear view of Jesus and his Way of life. So far, we’ve successfully built out a version one beta, we’ve survived the pandemic, and we are nearing the completion of our relaunch.

Customer / Mission Field Context

Our primary missional endeavor is to bridge what we refer to as the ‘Perception,’ ‘Translation,’ and ‘Visibility’ barriers affecting especially Millennials and Generation Z.

Goals and Desired Outcomes

Our digital hub integrates local and digital components which holistically reintroduce Jesus in relation to the spirit, mind & body of the individual. Our missional objective is three tiered. We’re leveraged to first Engage people in a compassionate, curious, and conviction driven approach, so that secondly we would have the opportunity to Encounter people right where they are, from there, we’re hoping to thirdly Equip people locally through partner churches.

Results and

To date, we’ve had the privilege of engaging with over 270 thousand followers on our instagram, and we’ve had over 70 million views of our videos with a million plus shares. We’ve traveled the country on more than 35 different occasions, we’ve visited hundreds of churches from which we’ve curated over 65 partner churches in 20 different major metropolitan cities with whom we’ve built relationships over the last four years and several of those have hired us as trusted consultants. Additionally, our first website has garnered over 80k visits, with the SEO keywords in our currently-unreleased-site connected to well beyond 1.2 million daily google search queries. We’ve published an unquantifiable number of words and read 120 plus books for research, not to mention the thousands of sermons we’ve edited, and other research that we’re forgetting. Most of all to us the most significant part, has been the honor and privilege of working alongside a remarkable team of brilliant creatives and thinkers with diverse expertise in the space of digital marketing to serve and support the local communities on the ground across the nation. The responses over the last four years have continuously encouraged us and reaffirmed the need for what we’re providing and we feel exceedingly grateful for this experience.