Minimalist Mega and Micro Episode 5 — Can a Mega Church Successfully Create Context for Discipleship?

October 29, 2021


Church leaders clearly understand that creating a context for discipleship is our primary calling. Yet it seems many churches struggle to accomplish this clear calling. Some consider size as a predominant factor in the ability of a church to accomplish its discipleship calling. Yet, the first church initiated by the Holy Spirit was immediately comprised of thousands, and church history and the contemporary global church is often made up of thousands of believers connected in one local congregation? Can a church of any size create a context for discipleship? In this episode, we will discuss processes for discipleship in any size context.


Featured Guest – BILL HULL, Bill is the Co-Founder & President of the Bonhoeffer Project

Hosts –
JASON SHEPPERD, Jason is the Lead Pastor of Church Project in The Woodlands, TX, a “Church of House Churches”
DAVE EDWARDS, Dave serves as Pastor of Discipleship at Church Project in The Woodlands, TX

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