Missional: Pastors and Their Teams Workshop


Whether you’re just starting out, in transition or on the verge of real movement, find practical guidance, resources and insights for navigating the missional journey.

Session 1: Moving the Local Church from Maintenance Towards Missional Movement
As we have worked alongside pastors and leaders throughout the country, we have heard many express similar longings to see the everyday people of God mobilized into the spaces they inhabit. However, there are significant questions around how to shift from simply maintaining a static organization to catalyzing movement in and through your congregation. This workshop will focus on essential paradigms and necessary processes for catalyzing a movement in your congregation and seeing Gospel renewal in your city.
Speakers: Robert Guerrero and Ryan Hairston

Session 2: Mobilizing the People of God and Innovating New Missional Expressions
We are convinced that apart from the mobilization of God’s people and the innovation of new Kingdom expressions we will not see movement. Without genuine innovation in the churches we lead (as opposed to simple creativity) we are doomed to simply get the same results we are currently getting. How then do we mobilize the people of God? What does innovation look like within the context of a local church? How do we do innovation in a way that does not cause organizational frustration but rather organization movement? This workshop will seek to answer these questions and provide a clear path forward for your local church.
Speakers: Jon Ritner and Jessie Cruickshank

Session 3: Creating a Culture That Catalyzes and Fuels Missional Movement
Every church has a culture. Church culture includes a number of components such as behaviors, symbols, rhythms, stories, myths, values, etc. When moving towards movement we tend to adjust programs and practices and overlook the need to adjust culture. As a result, our best efforts tend to be thwarted or short lived. How then do we build a culture that fuels missional movement rather than block it? How do we ensure that our mediums mirror the call towards a missional incarnational life? This workshop will give participants the opportunity to see how a few churches from diverse context are adjusting programs, practices, and culture in way that is catalyzing a missional movement in their congregation and community.
Speakers: Ryan Hairston, Jon Ritner, and Mark Nelson

Session 4: Structures That Guide and Sustain Missional Movement
Often our current ecclesial structures are not designed to catalyze and sustain missional movement. The scarcity of buildings, money, staff, and people are making movement and multiplication increasingly difficult. What if we could reimagine the church and its structures in such a way that allows for our congregations to birth new churches led by everyday people costing zero dollars? When we remember the movement is tied up in the everyday people of God will are quickly filled with hope! What will it take, what is necessary, how will it look? This workshop will help leaders and their team rethink their current structures and gain a vision for the type of organization that aids in movement and its sustainability.
Speakers: Timothy Wynn and Rowland Smith

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