Missional: Planters and Pioneers  Workshop


Whether you’re just starting out, in transition or on the verge of real movement, find practical guidance, resources and insights for navigating the missional journey.

Session 1: Reframing God, His Mission, and Our Participation
When the contemporary evangelical church tries to present what it believes is the core message of the Bible, it nearly always does so in individualized terms, and it nearly always does so by presenting the message of Jesus as being about personalized benefit either in this world or the next. And yet, as we have seen, the gospel as presented in the New Testament, and its precursor in the Old Testament, is anchored in the reign of God through Christ and the unfolding personal, social, and global transformation that it promises.
Speakers: Alan Hirsch and Mark Nelson

Session 2: Missional Engagement with Jesus as Our Guide
The Incarnation not only qualifies God’s acts in the world, but must also qualify ours. If God’s central way of reaching his world was to incarnate himself in Jesus, then our way of reaching the world (mission) should likewise be incarnational. How then do we engage missionally or even plant churches with Jesus as our guide? Thankfully the incarnational life of Jesus is rich with examples and patterns for how we engage the world around us. This workshop will look at a number of incarnational practices that transcend culture and context and will both deepen and inform our missional pursuits.
Speakers: Deb Hirsch and Terry Ishee

Session 3: Disciple-Making Paradigms and Practices That Catalyze Movement and Aid in Transformation
As we incarnate into a given space and people, how then do we make disciples? When we look to the life of Jesus we see that he consistently invited people to come alongside him and practice the Kingdom life far before their transformation ever happened. In fact, this invitation to practice the Kingdom life and participate in the life of Christ catalyzed the transformation of all who followed. In our discipleship and in the discipleship of others we must cultivate practices or habits that help catalyze our own transformation and the transformation of those we share life with. In this workshop we share disciple-making paradigms and practices that have the very ability to guide, sustain, and transform.
Speakers: Molly Conaway and Alan Bradford

Session 4: Redeeming Sex: Naked Conversations About Sexuality and Spirituality
It seems the church in the West is struggling to work out the relationship between our sexuality and our spirituality. But what does Jesus have to say to sexual minorities? In this workshop we will discuss how we might walk a middle road through the conflict — to one of mutual transformation. Discussing some of the practical and theological issues that need to be addressed, we will also look at the posture we must inhabit, as well as what we should and shouldn’t do.
Speaker: Deb Hirsch

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