Multiethnic Workshop


Learn to multiply as leaders of reproducing churches in multi-ethnic contexts share their experience and stories.

Session 1: The Coming Revolution in Church Economics
The fact is, tithes and offerings (alone) are no longer enough to provide for the needs of the local church, enable pastors to pursue opportunities, or sustain long-term ministry impact. Bound to a rapidly fading financial model that depends on numeric growth, most pastors today are simply managing stagnant of declining budgets. To not only survive changing economic times but thrive financially in the future, pastors today must learn to leverage church assets and create multiple streams of income to effectively fund mission. In this session, Mark will break it down and encourage you to embrace the coming revolution in church economics.
Speaker: Mark DeYmaz

Session 2: Beyond Superficiality
Join Drew to learn principles and practices that can help you move people in your church beyond mere diversity in the pews to authentic relationships of transparency and trust across race, class, and gender lines. In this session, we”l also consider the structural necessities required to help you plant, grow, or develop a healthy multiethnic and economically diverse church in order to advance a credible gospel in an increasingly diverse society.
Speaker: Drew Hyun

Session 3: Engaging Pain and Promise
In Galatians 3:26-29, Paul addresses three distinctions in the first century church: race, class, and gender. In those days the Jews considered themselves better than Gentiles, the rich better than the poor, and men better than women. With such things the first century churches wrestled, that is, with the subject of inclusion. Similarly in our time, tensions exist between believers holding to a historical grammatical interpretation of scripture and the LGBTQIA community. The complexities and challenges of the discussion more often than not produce pain not promise, hurt not hope. If we are to extend hope to all and not just some, the church of Jesus Christ must do better. Come engage in this important discussion as we learn from and listen to one another.
Speaker: Linda DeYmaz

Session 4: Transitioning Your Church to Living Color
An increasingly diverse, painfully polarized, and cynical society no longer finds credible the message of God’s love for all people as proclaimed from predominantly homogenous churches. In this workshop, you’ll learn why you should and how you can transition a homogenous congregation into a healthy multiethnic church. To do so effectively, you’ll need to work smart, avoid mistakes, and apply competence. Come interact with Chip. Terri, William, and Shiloh who will pass on to you promising practices rooted in their own transitional experiences to help you do just that.
Speakers: Chip Freed, Terri Freed, William Karshima, and Shiloh Karshima

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