Multiplication: BiVocational Workshop


Multiplication is for everyone. Leaders from ministries of all shapes and sizes share how they’ve experienced radical multiplication and how you can too.

Starting a Church Without a Dime: A Doable and Enjoyable BiVO / Marketplace Lifestyle
Whether you are a marketplace leader looking for help in leveraging your kingdom calling, or you are a ministry leader looking for creative ways to manage and fund your calling, this workshop is for you. The Gospel got to us by fully paid, barely paid, or non-paid saints and the future will be bright for those who learn to leverage all they have for one calling. Hugh will discuss the benefits of Bivo church planting and give practical steps towards creating and sustaining a Bivocational movement.
Speaker: Hugh Halter

Why You May Need a Career Instead of a Job
This session will introduce the benefits of long-term employment solutions over backstop temporary measures. Think of Aquila the businessman/ministry leader vs Paul the bivocational ministry leader. You’ll hear victory stories of pastors once scorned by their denominations for choosing to remain in a career while planting churches. And, we’ll touch on the financial benefits an intentional freelance pastor brings to both the sending and receiving congregations.
Speaker: Ralph Moore

New Starting Point as a Bivo/Covo Planter: Engaging God’s Mission Where You Live, Work and Play
While more and more people are less and less interested in the programs and activities of the church, missionally-minded people must learn how to lovingly engage people in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places that we inhabit. In this breakout we will discuss the topics of biblical hospitality in and through our homes (1st place), understanding how God has placed us in a vocation for His missional purposes (2nd place), and what it means to identify, create, and support Third Places in our communities.
Speaker: Brad Brisco

Freelance Church Planting in Both Wealth and Poverty
Hear the testimony of Myron Pierce who came out of jail to meet Ron Dotzler and planted a church while running a business and discipling freelance pastors in the context of a welfare/crime-ridden culture. Also, you will hear from Greg Wigfield who planted a church while maintaining and building a successful insurance agency (employing 43 people) while being scorned by former friends because “you’re not all in if you keep your business.”
Speakers: Myron Pierce and Greg Wigfield

Rethinking Bi-Vocational Church Planting
In the midst of the proliferation of church planting, one of the most significant trends is the starting of new churches by bivocational leaders. Today there is a new movement among bivocational leaders. More church planters who are choosing to plant bivocationally. They are making this decision out of the conviction that bivocational church planting actually provides a more desirable way to plant a church, rather than on the basis of limited funds. In other words, it is becoming a first option, not a last resort. In this breakout Brad will discuss the benefits of planting as a bivo/covo leader and how to best get the process started.
Speaker: Brad Brisco

Career Opportunities for Bivocational/Freelance Pastors
Greg will describe lucrative career paths offering good income, fringe benefits and flexible schedules suitable for a freelance pastor or church planter. He will talk about business principles and approaches to pursue the right opportunities. He’ll also provide a handout describing how to move into each path.
Speaker: Greg Wigfield

Session 4: Marketplace Mission: Church Planting Through Starting a Business
There is a seismic shift in American culture, the church now finds itself in increasing irrelevance in its “come to us” posture. The Church is invited to break down the sacred/secular divide by creating sustainable missional faith-communities while providing services and relational connection to local neighborhoods. This is where God’s mission and the Marketplace can converge in context. In this breakout, Hugh will discuss just as the early Trappists Monks in the 1600’s created enterprises to fund their sacred calling, today’s marketplace planters can find ways to start businesses that contribute social good and while gaining favor in the civic structures of a particular place.
Speaker: Hugh Halter

Session 4: Easy-Entry Business Startups for Freelance Church Planters
Myron will describe six easy-to-start business opportunities he’s used with his disciples as they move into church planting. He’ll also provide a handout describing how to get started with each one.
Speaker: Myron Pierce

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