Multiplication: Focus on APEST Workshop


Multiplication is for everyone. Leaders from ministries of all shapes and sizes share how they’ve experienced radical multiplication and how you can too.

Session 1: Why APEST Unlocks the Great Commission Mandate
In the midst of contextualization and specialization, it is possible to lose sight of the singular goal of the Great Commission. Scripture continually emphasizes the importance of our unity in Christ and as a community of believers. This foundational truth shapes our journey, fruitfulness, and witness. This workshop will seek to establish the biblical foundation and emphasis of unity found in Ephesians 4:1-6. We will discuss why this has to be laid and established before you begin to emphasize diversity (APEST) and how unity undergirds, facilitates and maximizes discipleship and movement. We will also look at some practical tools to help maintain the unity of the body while we journey into the empowerment of diverse giftings.
Speakers: Rich Robinson and Jessie Cruickshank

Session 2: How to Create an APEST Culture That Mobilizes Your Church into Mission
APEST can often be seen as an individual calling or competency grid, a personal gifting or ministry, a title or an office. But is it meant to be so much more than an assessment of personality traits, a box or badge, or an excuse. Working from our foundation of unity in the mission of God, this workshop will explore the how APEST provides a diversity of expression and contextualization that is both complete and holistic. Using Ephesians 4:7-12, we will discuss the different capacities of APEST and discuss practically how they can come together to accomplish the singular mission of the church and provide a biblical framework for unity beyond complexity. We will discuss how they can be corporate, as well as individual, and can be marks of the church that speak to her health and vitality.
Speakers: Alan Hirsch, Rich Robinson, and Bryan Sims

Session 3: How to Create a Sustainable Leadership Pipeline for APEST
Understanding APEST and its place within the Body of Christ isn’t enough. It needs to work its way into how we build leadership pipelines, resource, and develop leaders for movemental leadership. We will look at the design process for leadership development that is informed by APEST and focused on training and equipping leaders who can lead multi-generational and faceted growth. In this workshop, using Ephesians 4:13-16, we’ll unpack what these APEST-oriented pipelines can look like, how to build them, and how to point them towards movement. We will discuss and explore how APEST-orientation can help to make us more strategic and fruitful in “who & what” we resource and celebrate, re-calibrating around the different activities and aspects of our community and scaffolding the Body towards maturity.
Speakers: Alan Hirsch, Rich Robinson, and Jessie Cruickshank

Session 4: How to Use APEST to Mobilize Each Person in Your Church
While each individual disciple is formed and matured in all five elements of the 5-Fold gifts (in the way of Jesus), we must learn to equip each individual in their primary and secondary calling and function to release the priesthood of all believers if we want to see movemental capacity unleashed. Creating an APEST culture that is equipped for movement is a bit like a symphony: We need each instrument to play its part for it to really work. But that’s easier said than done. In this workshop, we’ll talk about the complexities of maturing an APEST culture towards movement and some practical steps in getting there. We’ll explore the ways to make, train and mobilize individuals to be released to operate in a church-as-movement ethos. We will explore how to create environments and processes where there is input, coaching, peer-learning and community activity that produces mature and rounded leaders.
Speakers: Alan Hirsch, Brad Brisco, Jessie Cruickshank, and Rich Robinson

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