What Is Your Church’s Multiplication Level?

Reproducing leaders share their journeys toward multiplication in these podcasts from Exponential conferences.

November 7, 2016


Is your church multiplying its impact?

Before you can take steps toward multiplication, you need to discover your current multiplication level. Is it Level 1 (subtraction), 2 (plateau), 3 (addition), 4 (reproducing) or 5 (multiplying)?

Currently, less than 4 percent of U.S. churches are reproducing, with less than .5 percent at Level 5 multiplication. Moving beyond the 4 percent requires every church leader to look candidly at how they’re doing with multiplication, identify the tensions that are keeping your church from Levels 4 and 5, and then develop a plan to wrestle with these tensions and move forward.

Take the FREE Becoming 5 Assessment, (you’ll get immediate results) and then dive deeper into the podcasts from Exponential conferences below. In these podcasts, some of today’s church multiplication leaders share how they began their multiplication journeys and offer insights into what it looks like to move toward Kingdom multiplication.

Multiplication Podcasts

These podcasts are from the Exponential East and West 2016 Conferences. Don’t miss more conversations like these at Exponential East 2017!

DNA of a Reproducing Church – Brian Bolt and Jeff Leake | Join Brian Bolt and  Jeff Leake (leader of a Level 4 multiplying church) to learn the essential qualities necessary to reproduce yourself as a leader and develop a rapidly reproducing movement of campuses and churches.

Making Disciples, Multiplying Churches – Ralph Moore | Join Level 5 multiplication leader Ralph Moore in this workshop session as he discusses the approach he takes to making disciples and multiplying churches.

Creating a Culture of Discipleship – Ryan Kwon | Learn four key elements to creating a culture of multiplying disciples, and some common pitfalls along the way.

Ordinary to Extraordinary – Jenni Catron | Jenni shares one of the fundamental truths that she believes is essential for every leader aspiring to Level 5 multiplication: You must lead yourself well to lead others better.

How to Launch and Build a Gospel Saturation Movement – Chris Lagerlof | Chris discusses 7 essentials to building a thriving collaborative city movement focused on saturating your city with the gospel.

A Movement Starts With You – Dave and Jon Ferguson | Discover the 4 reproducing principles to help you start a movement.

“Play Thuno” – The World-Changing Multiplication Game – Larry Walkemeyer | A Level 4 multiplication leader, Larry equips leaders to cast a compelling vision for multiplication–whether from the pulpit or in personal conversations.

Movement Simplexity – Alan Hirsch and Jessie Cruickshank | Learn the 6 key elements/competencies of the mDNA (movement DNA) and how to assess and interpret your church’s current movement capacity. 

Starting at Level 5 – Justin Moxley and Chris Hornbrook | Too many new churches get stuck at growing and never adopt the values and strategies that lead to multiplication. Justin and Chris share what they’ve learned about becoming a multiplying church before you get started?

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