Multiplication Webcast

Join Exponential in partnership with for a replay of the church multiplication webcast featuring five sessions with church-planting leaders like Matt Chandler, Ed Stetzer, J.D. Greear, Dhati Lewis, and Bob Roberts. Each segment was recorded at the Exponential East 2016 conference.

Date: August 30th

Time: 10:45am – 4:45pm CDT


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Session 1: Multiplication Levels Conversation
Ed Stetzer, Ralph Moore, and Alan Hirsch will share the state of multiplication as they see it and discuss the tensions that exist in the church today, including how churches can adjust their strategies to increase their level of multiplication in the future.
Speakers: Ed Stetzer, Ralph Moore, Alan Hirsch

Session 2: Tension of Motives Conversation
If leaders are serious about being a reproducing, multiplying and movement-making church, the church they lead will start here but will need to go there (the next church). Join Ed Stetzer, Dave Ferguson and Dave Dummitt for an in-depth discussion.
Speakers: Ed Stetzer, Dave Ferguson, Dave Dummitt

Session 3: Tension of Measurement Conversation
In this session, we’ll talk practically about what it looks like for a church or church plant to measure success by seating capacity and sending capacity. How do you pastor or plant a church that has sending in its DNA from the beginning?
Speakers: Ed Stetzer, J.D. Greear, D.A. Horton

Session 4: Tension of Methods Conversation
“Do I start something new before we build?” “Will our church financially sacrifice to plant a church?” “After working really hard for 30 years, do I just relax now? Or do I keep taking risks?” These are just some of the questions planters and senior pastors will need to consider as they make crucial Kingdom decisions.
Speakers: Ed Stetzer, Tim Hawks, Keith Ferguson

Session 5: Best Practices of Sending Churches Panel
Still looking for answers to your questions about being a Sending Church? In this Q&A session, Ed Stetzer will interview a panel featuring pastors who are leading sending churches. Together, they’ll identify the challenges, benefits and best practices of sending churches.
Speakers: Ed Stetzer, Brian Bloye, Bob Roberts, Matt Chandler, Dhati Lewis, J.D. Greear


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