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The Multiplier Intensive

Spring 2024

Meet. Conspire. Collaborate.

Pioneer A New Experience For Leaders Like You

Join this first-of-its-kind intensive. We will explore the life and leadership of future church leaders: Multipliers. These are not your ordinary Christian, pastor, or church leader. They are set aside for such a time as this.

The Multiplier Intensive will meet in-person, twice for 36 hours, along with online meet-ups. We will interact with the Multiplier Master Tool that opens up the internal and external life of this extraordinary leader, a life that will have ripple effects far beyond their time on this earth is complete. Then, we will lay out the Multiplier Life Map, which shows the developmental pathway for leaders saying ‘YES’ to this kind of life.

The Multiplier Intensive includes access to thought leaders, interaction with peers, lots of room for Q&A, and dynamic exercises. 

Participants of The Multiplier Intensive will discover:

  • Core content around the life of a Multiplier and how to become one
  • A deep understanding of the Master Tool and how you can utilize it in your local context
  • Next Steps for your own personal and leadership development
  • An approach to integrating the core learning into your life in a meaningful way

We genuinely believe that Multipliers are the future of the North American church and Exponential is putting everything we have into this idea for the next 10 years. If you’re interested in the church’s future, what a Multiplier’s life looks like, or a deeper sense of calling in your life, we encourage you to join us for this new Intensive.

The Multiplier Intensive


Hill Country Bible Church

1.5 Days In Person at
Hill Country Bible Church
in Austin, TX

Start: Monday, Jan. 22, 1:00pm CT
End: Tuesday, Jan. 23, 5:00pm CT

2 Online Gatherings

Two 90-minute Zooms including:
- Mid-process Cohort Check-ins
- Access to Thought Leaders

1.5 Days In Person at
Community Christian in
Naperville, IL

Start: Monday, May 6, 1:00pm CT
End: Tuesday, May 7, 5:00pm CT

Your Health
and Longevity

Doing the same things over and over again. This speaks to a “long obedience in the same
direction”, not expecting microwavable results or instant gratification. This is about building a certain kind of life more than it is about experiencing quick success.

Virtually anything can reproduce and multiply. In fact, cancer is just that. Something that can multiply death very quickly. But what a Multiplier is looking to do is reproduce and multiply something that is healthy. And you reproduce who you are.

Longevity + Health = Movemental Impact


Movemental Impact:
This is about people’s lives being changed far beyond what you can see or control. This is how the movement of God’s Spirit does something in and through you, with a ripple effect, 6 or 7 or 8 generations beyond you.

What’s in you is worth multiplying!

Step out. Invest in yourself to strengthen what God has called you to do. We’re here to support you and your mission.

Join Us

This New Cohort Will Be Limited to 20 Participants

Individual Cost

Move ahead.
  • Help.
  • Ideas.
  • Brothers and sisters in it with you.
$750 /person

Team Discount

Find momentum.
  • Best Pricing For 2+ From
    The Same Church
  • Get together with people who are
    your kind of crazy.
$500 /person

A minimum of 12 attendees must be registered by December 15 for the Multiplier Intensive to occur. Any travel booked prior to December 15 is at the participant’s risk. Exponential will notify all registered attendees on (or before) December 15 if the cohort registration has met the minimum requirement.

Refund policy: In the unlikely event the Multiplier Intensive is canceled before the first gathering, your deposit will be refunded. Exponential reserves the right to cancel an event due to circumstances beyond our control, including but not limited to natural disasters, damage to host facilities, terrorism, contagious health concerns, government (national, state, regional, and local) travel restrictions, or public gathering restrictions. Under such circumstances, registrations are non-refundable. Like when traveling on vacation or overseas, we recommend you consider travel insurance if you need safeguarding against loss.

Pursue the Life of a Multiplier

Hear from Dave Ferguson, Exponential President and Co-founder