Multiplying Leaders

How you can effectively lead your team

February 9, 2017


Exponential exists to inspire, encourage and equip leaders that are moving from simple addition to reproduction and, even, multiplication. Join a growing group of multiplying leaders that are making a real difference. Help us move the needle from less than 4 percent of U.S. churches ever reproducing to greater than 10 percent!

We invite you to check out the FREE resources below that are directed to leaders. And don’t forget to sign up for one of the 2017 Exponential Conferences and join the family of thousands of like-minded leaders who are embracing multiplication as their scorecard.

4 Leadership Principles to Revolutionize Your Church Staff Culture – Does your church staff have high turnover? Do you lack a leadership development pipeline? Do you have trouble finding and keeping the right people for your team? In this podcast, Tim Stevens unpacks four proven leadership principles to building a culture that draws people to your church staff and develops them into multiplying leaders people want to follow.

Culture Shock: Creating a Dynamic Team Culture – Culture is the North Star to your team’s success. While mission, vision, purpose and strategy are all critical, without great culture your team will flounder. What contributes to great culture? How do you create it? How do you keep it? Jenni Catron will share the joy, pains and process of culture keeping.

Keeping Yourself from Getting Burnt Out – D.A. Horton shows how to stay out of the performance trap that will keep you burnt out and ineffective. He shares practices that you can implement to reach what God has for you in ministry and the rest of your life.

Why and How to Develop Leaders Starting Now | Brian Howard – Brian Howard shares that the era of hiring pre-packaged leaders is over. You may occasionally hire a leader from the outside, but there are simply not enough leaders out there for you to not develop your own. Few pastors have any intentional plan for developing new multiplying leaders. There is, however, no better use of your time as a pastor than to develop leaders.

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