Multisite Workshop


Learn to multiply as leaders of reproducing churches in multisite contexts share their experience and stories.

Session 1: Church Multiplication Through Mergers
Church mergers are occurring in an unprecedented way today across North America. Over 40% of multisite campuses have come through a merger or acquisition of a church building. Many of the 250,000 struggling churches across North America are discovering they can have a new beginning and/or a new pastor by merging with a multisite church or church planter needing a facility. This unintended consequence of the multisite movement is becoming a facility and growth strategy for church planters. Learn how to initiate and navigate a church merger conversation from the author of Better Together: Making Church Mergers Work.
Speaker: Jim Tomberlin

Session 2: Facility Strategy for New Churches & Campuses
Buildings are the biggest expense of a local church, but very few churches have an intelligent, cost-effective facility and funding strategy. Industry leader Nathan Artt will help you develop a facility strategy that will save you time and money. Learn how to make the best facility decisions that pay for themselves and fund your ministry.
Speaker: Nathan Artt

Session 3: Church Multiplication Through Video
Of the estimated 7,000+ multisite churches in North America, half deliver their sermons by way of video. In this session Paul Martel, founder of Living As One and strategic partner with MultiSite Solutions shares why so many churches are choosing to include video as part of their church multiplication strategy, and how your church might go about connecting multiple campuses together with video in time-efficient and cost-effective ways.
Speaker: Paul Martel

Session 4: Going Portable
Many church plants and multisite campuses launch in a rented facility such as a school, movie theater, YMCA, community center, etc. In this breakout, Jeff Beachum will share six key elements on how to plant a church or extend your multisite reach into new communities using portable venues. Explore the difference between loving and hating the idea of portability. Learn how incredible environments can be created in portable settings!
Speaker: Jeff Beachum