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Project: Nerd Culture Ministry Summit  
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The Nerd Culture Ministry Summit exists to build bridges between church culture and nerd culture by equipping church and ministry leaders with tools, resources, and training to better love and serve their nerdy neighbors locally, digitally, and beyond.

Project Categories

  • Innovative Approaches to Church Planting: Bivo/Covo and Business for Mission Models and Expressions

  • Innovative Approaches to Church Planting: Methods and Models for Mobilizing Everyday Missionaries

  • Innovative Approaches for the Next Generation: Evangelism/Reaching/Engaging
  • Innovative Approaches for the Next Generation: Discipling and Retaining

  • Innovative Approaches for the Next Generation: Mobilizing

  • Innovative Approaches for the Next Generation: Other

Big Idea and Overview

The Nerd Culture Ministry Summit is a launching pad for helping the church realize the need to reach people that are already in their congregations, source them and empower them to minister in areas where they are gifted and talented. We believe that not every church needs to be focused on nerd culture, but understanding the need and engaging in it allows them to have access to nearly 3.6 Billion people to either engage in Gospel ministry or to reach them with the cause of Christ. November will mark our first summit, and our mission is to hold this summit every year in different areas of the country to make these concepts more accessible by bringing it to them. In October of 2022 we started with the idea that there were things we could do and people that we could reach together that we could not separately. This led to us meeting up at Exponential Orlando in March of 2023. We had already been talking about what something could look like and were moving toward another event that both fed and encouraged Christian streamers and content creators while also activating those people with a discipleship model where they pour into ministry leaders. The organization I run, Love Thy Nerd, and Lux Digital Church, led by Mark Lutz, are committed to seeing current and future church leaders engage in a culture they have all but written off.

Customer / Mission Field Context

Our target audience is 2-fold: 1.) Christian streamers, content creators and potential nerd culture missionaries both in physical and digital spaces. 2.) Ministry leaders consisting of volunteers, part-timers, bi-vocational staff and full-time ministry staff.

Goals and Desired Outcomes

  1. Create space for Christian content creators and nerd culture missionaries to find rest and rejuvenation.

  2. Expose ministry leaders who may not know the volume of nerd culture enthusiasts within their own congregations.

  3. Offer practical applications for reaching those nerd culture enthusiasts and engaging them in a way that strengthens their faith rather than pushing them further away from Jesus by condemning them for it.

  4. Create networks of churches and organizations that can work together in their city or state, as well as on larger events to reach nerd culture enthusiasts in the spaces they most commonly are.

Results and

We have found that the men and women that come through the Nerd Culture Ministry Collective leave rejuvenated, encouraged and excited to do ministry better. There is a whole documentary that was made based off of our October meetup, formally known as the Megazord Summit. That event gave birth to the Nerd Culture Ministry Summit and a collective of nerd culture missionaries that seek to grow closer together while sharing these proven principles and practices with churches and organizations looking to do the same.

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