On Leadership Episode 1

February 12, 2021


In this inaugural episode of On Leadership, Founder & CEO of CourageToLead.com Shawn Lovejoy and Exponential Co-Founder and CEO Todd Wilson introduce the new series On Leadership and discuss key lessons church leaders can learn from Washington.

Is your head spinning from everything that’s been happening in Washington, D.C., recently, as we head into a new year with a new President?

How can we maintain our pose, not feeling the need to react to every post or piece of news… and communicate in such a way that we don’t alienate those we’re trying to reach?

We must speak up and speak out but do so with honor and respect, especially for those who think differently than we do.

“While the type of Biblical leadership needed right now in our nation is hard to find in Washington and politics, there are some critical lessons and wise behaviors that we can extract from these trying times,” writes Todd Wilson.

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