Project:  One Multichurch Network
David Drury


The One Multichurch Network of 40+ microchurch leaders in North America seeks to mobilize an additional 100 microchurch leaders by offering a high-energy, inspiring, training events that will draw in those interested in alternative ways of making disciples and multiply the church, and launch out those who just need to take that next step to go for it.

Project Categories

  • Bivo/Covo Business for Mission Models and Expressions
  • Church Planter Recruiting and Equipping
  • Collaborative Methods for Increased Planting
  • Digital Engagement and Technology Models and Methods
  • Disciple Making and Church Engagement
  • Methods and Models for mobilizing Everyday Missionaries
  • Micro Models and Expressions

Big Idea and Overview

The One Multichurch Network is transitioning from a largely quiet and underground relational network of 40+ microchurch leaders to recruit and mobilize leaders and launch dozens more microchurches in 2021-2022. Our approach is to build of our strengths of 1) existing relationships tended by weekly meetings, journey group coaching, and online message board, 2) our network of external training, resourcing, and mobilizing partners, 3) our existing super-simple self-directed online training, 4) our free resources to assist in launching to now build a bridge into recruiting from a much broader platform of potential microchurch leaders. The below are the phases already completed and timeline anticipated:

_x_ Pilot then launch online resources for Discover Bible Study tools for microchurches – completed Summer 2018

_x_ Pilot then launch online self-directed training – completed Fall 2018

_x_ Establish 2x weekly pattern of 45 min video-conference meetings of all OMN microchurch leaders – Completed January 2019

_x_ Connect with training and resourcing partners to refer people to beyond the capacity of OMN – Completed Summer 2019

_x_Connect with mobilizing partners to refer people to beyond the capacity of OMN – Completed Summer 2020 and 2021 with Pioneers, Live Sent & Marketplace Multipliers

__ Restructure weekly meetings into smaller Journey Groups for deeper sharing and smaller circles of accountability and coaching – In process Summer 2020

__  Create training event plans – projected July 2021

__  Unveil new training-focused public website – projected August 2021 (Cost: $2,000)

__  Email communication and administrative follow-up – projected August 2021 (Cost: $500)

__  Text reminders – projected August 2021 (Cost: $500)

__  Administrative pipeline for database – projected August 2021 (Cost: $250)

__  1st pilot training event online – projected September 2021 (Cost: $300)

__  Hot Wash with core leaders – projected October 2021

__  2nd pilot training event online – projected November 2021 (Cost: $300)

__  Hot Wash with core leaders – projected December 2021

__ Full final launch of recurring training event online – projected monthly starting January 2021 (Monthly Cost: $300, Annual Cost: $3,000)

Customer / Mission Field Context

Our context is hyperlocal for each microchurch (MC) but translocal for the network (OMN). Each of our MCs is found in a home or workplace or community 3rd space that is extremely relational and really could be described as small pockets of friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers. However, the OMN is designed to be translocal and connect together these churches, which are so often not doing life together with a broader body for coaching, resourcing, and accountability. So, our context is now primarily in the USA in 15 different states, but we anticipate that growing to many more states and to an international level in the next year.

Goals and Desired Outcomes

Outcomes: (A is lead for B lag, B is lead for C lag)

A __ Initial “lead” indicator: Exposing 1,000 unique individuals to new wineskin approaches to disciple-making and multiplication through online training events…

__ Tracking each of these in system for ongoing connection/options to launch

B __ Mobilizing 100 unique individuals into making disciples and multiplying a microchurch within their community.

__ Connecting each into existing Journey Groups, free resources, and online message board

C __ Endgame outcome: M = 100mc + 4g3 (Movement equals 100 new microchurch starts that are 4th generation multiplications within 3 years of a 1st generation start)

__ Enlist doctoral level researchers to comb our data to connect the dots in a study of a movement on what would feel like more organic growth on our end. Perhaps do this connected with other such underground microchurch networks for comparison and contrast, and learnings and threads of insight.

Results and

_x_ Launched in 2018 with the desire to have the first microchurch (MC) meet the spiritual and other needs of Muslims in our area.

_x_ Made disciples for 6 months and then launched another MC out with 2 leaders from the first MC. This second launch was “majority muslim” in participants and still continues to this day

_x_ First person decided to follow Jesus within first year of first MC

_x_ Launched use of a new disciple-making tool on “What Jesus Told Us To Do” itemizing all of the 147 all time commands of Jesus living out the Great Commission in which Jesus says: “teaching them to obey all I have commanded you.”

_x_ Launched use of

_x_ 107 trained through our free, online, self-directed training system

_x_ Reached 40+ leaders gathered in Network

_x_ Launched 20+ MCs

_x_ 80% of network MC income given away

_x_ 0% of network and MC income spent on employees or buildings

_x_ Reformatted and rewrote DBS questions tools into interactive, media enhanced, online Bible-focused teaching tools helpful for first time MC leaders

_x_ Relanguaged the “Engel Scale” into more accessible “What Following Jesus Looks Like” tool for evangelism and pre-discipleship

_x_ Deployed 10+ MC leaders to facilitate/teach other MC leaders
_x_ Reached 8 denominations represented in the One Multichurch Network