What Can You Do Now to Ensure Long-Term Church Health?

Greg Wiens answers the question on three different levels: launch, team leadership, and understanding your church's current dynamics

January 4, 2017


[bctt tweet=”Understanding how you’re wired scripts how you lead and the team you bring around you. – Greg Wiens” via=”no”]

As a church grows–from the initial planting phase to an increasingly established organization with more leaders–planters must adapt how they lead to keep both themselves and their church healthy. In this training video from Exponential East 2016, leadership coach Greg Wiens draws from his breadth of experience working with diverse organizations to offer his three-pronged insight for the long-term health of a church. Wiens addresses three levels: 1) launching healthy; 2) identifying and leading your team; and 3) understanding how your church’s specific stage (in its life cycle) scripts your leadership.

Key Takeaways:

  • Practical tips for launching healthy
  • Why you should never call your launch team your “core”
  • Five important relationships critical to church planters and launching healthy
  • Why your initial vision for your church may be detrimental to its growth and health
  • Why knowing your gifts is key to how you lead and the team you bring together


Having developed 15 different assessments in a variety of fields, Greg Wiens has been assessing leaders and organizations for more than 35 years. His passion is to see the Kingdom expanded through helping leaders understand their unique wiring and their A-game. Greg currently leads two missionally focused organizations, Healthy Growing Churches and Healthy Growing Leaders

Don’t miss Greg Wiens at Exponential East 2017, and the individual workshop tracks on Leadership (team building, financing the vision, staffing, next-gen leadership, personal leadership, etc.) and Launching a New Church (launch plans, legal documents, outreach, marketing, staffing, etc.).


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