Exponential Orlando 2019 Recap Sessions 3 and 4

March 14, 2019


Made to Do More? Exponential Orlando 2019 saw 5600 multiplication leaders come together to celebrate, connect and engage in conversation to further church multiplication.

We are recapping some of the highlights from the world’s largest church multiplication gathering. Click here to read the recap from Sessions 1 and 2. Also, read below for the ways you can engage in this critical conversation for your own leadership and to multiply.

If you missed Session 3, here are some highlights on Being Made to Do More:

New York City church multiplier Drew Hyun, author, and missiologist Alan Hirsch and Nashville planter and disciple maker Dave Clayton talked about Jesus’ design for His Church. They discussed how if we work together, we can be made to Do More.

Just as the body has systems that work together for health and reproduction, Jesus gives organizing systems to His body, the Church. And when we follow His lead, we mobilize people His way and accomplish His John 10:10 mission—to bring His fullness to every nook and cranny.

Session 3 speakers

More key quotes from Session 1 include:

  • “Prestige and Money are two terrible reasons to be a pastor…Father, help me to give my life to something that puts my hope in you.” -Drew Hyun
  • “Jesus has already given you everything you need to get the job done…You only need to activate what is latent in God’s people.” -Alan Hirsch
  • “God reminds me that the way to more is on the downward path to surrender. If we want to see God do more, we as leaders must become less. The path to more is through the journey of surrender as we become less.” -Dave Clayton

Drew Hyun

ALan Hirsch

We hope you’re inspired and think more about how you can be a leader who helps people grasp the fact that they were Made for More. If we’re going to carry out Jesus’ Great Commission, we have to mobilize the people of God but do it His way, not our way.

Recap From Session 4

If you missed Session 4, you missed a lot from Dallas Mavericks’ CEO Cynt Marshall and pastor/author J.D. Greear. They fleshed out what it means to mobilize the people of God to “Go More” and quickly diffused any thought that “mobilize to go more” means getting on a boat or plane. Rather, the mission begins by expressing the fullness of Jesus where we live, work, study, and play.

Our “Go,” they said, is to embrace our mission field and make the most of every opportunity to express the fullness of Jesus to others.

Session 4 speakers

Here’s a taste of the powerful moments from session 4 on Made to Do More:

  • As children of light look for opportunities to illuminate and inspire others.” -Cynt Marshall
  • “What Jesus wants to do is outside of the church…The greatness of a church lies not in the seating of its people, but the sending of its people…The shortage is not in money, it’s in qualified planters. If the church got good at disciple making, church planting would take care of itself…Life in the world only comes through death in the church. We must commit to give away the very best of our leaders to plant churches.” -J.D. Greear

J.D. Greear quote


Cynthia Marshall Quote

Ready for More Sessions?

Click here for the final session recap from Exponential Orlando 2019. You can also see highlights from on the Exponential Instagram channels in the archived story feeds. Plus, join the Exponential Facebook Community where fellow multiplication activists are sharing and discussing their top moments from Exponential Orlando.

If you missed any of Exponential or want to bring the conference to your team, you can get messages and creatives elements videos in our Exponential 2019 Digital Access Pass, which includes all five main Made for More sessions. Currently, the DAP is on sale for only $49. Hurry! This conference special pricing expires Friday (3/15) at midnight.

2019 Digital Access Pass

And if you want to experience Made for More live (and bring your team), later this year we’ll be traveling to seven different cities to offer eight regional events—including all five main sessions. Register this week to take advantage of discounted pricing. Use the links below to register.

April 2-3 Boise, Idaho

September 9-10 Washington DC


November 5-6 Chicago

December 4-5 New York City

May 3-4 Exponential EspañolSouthern California We’re thrilled to announce that tor the first time, we have a full-service regional for Spanish-speaking church multiplication leaders

2019 Regional Conferences

Our 2020 conference theme is TOGETHER – Pursuing the great collaboration. This conference will take place during March 2-5, 2020 in Orlando, FL and focuses on the last part of Jesus’ mission – which was Jesus’ final prayer – that we have forgotten. It’s the Great Collaboration – that we are to go in love Together! Register before Friday (3/15) at midnight for only $99/registrant and $49/spouse.

Together 2020 Conference

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