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Exponential Orlando 2024

 March 4-7, 2024

We need to revive evangelism in our churches. Come learn with us.


One Eighty - Return to Disciple Making

We have a problem! Evangelism has become a taboo word and confusion about evangelism has left the church with a lackluster approach to reaching the lost.

There is a solution! We must be about the mission of Jesus: “to seek and to save the lost” (Luke 19:10). That means we must revive evangelism. A church with a culture of evangelism will hold the Biblical values of evangelism, share the compelling narratives of evangelism, and live out the white-hot faith behaviors of an evangelistic church.

March 4-7, 2024
3000 S John Young
Pkwy, Orlando, FL

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Our God doesn’t see the world as a lost cause. He is relentlessly committed to restoring a broken relationship with each of us. Romans 5:8 tells us that “God demonstrates his own love for us in this, while we were still sinners Christ died for us.”

Our commitment to the cause begins when we make it personal. We are all lost people. When we let that truth motivate us, we can’t help but be passionate about reaching people far from God.

Our God doesn’t see the world as a lost cause. He is relentlessly committed to restoring a broken relationship with each of us. Romans 5:8 tells us that “God demonstrates his own love for us in this, while we were still sinners Christ died for us.”

Our commitment to the cause begins when we make it personal. We are all lost people. When we let that truth motivate us, we can’t help but be passionate about reaching people far from God.

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Pre-Conference Options

Monday, March 6
(1:00 – 5:00 pm)
Tuesday, March 7
(8:00 – 11:30 am)

In-depth equipping from pace-setting practitioners and access to top thought leaders that prepare you for the journey ahead.

Pre-conference cost: $59. You can register for your Pre-conference option when you register for the conference.

Accelerate Church Multiplication in Your Church

Accelerate Church Multiplication in Your Church – Hosted by Stadia

You have a vision for seeing new churches born from your church and launched in your neighborhood and around the world, but you don’t know how to get started. This pre-conference session will give you tools and strategies for accelerating church multiplication in your church by developing an ethos and ethic of church multiplication, identifying and sending leaders from within your church, and developing a process and rhythm of celebrating multiplication. Come learn how to be a church multiplication accelerator!

Speakers: Lungz Makaula, Justin Moxley, Heidy Tandy, Janie Mehaffey, Joshua Chavez

Are You Living in the Sweet Spot of Your Personal Calling?

Are You Living in the Sweet Spot of Your Personal Calling? – Hosted by Made for More

The “Great Resignation” that we’ve heard so much about is symptomatic of the reality that most people are not living in the sweet spot of their unique personal calling. Many church leaders are wrestling with whether they are positioned correctly. They live continually with a tension, sensing that God has something more for them than what their journey currently offers. Our sweet spot of personal calling is found at the intersection of three questions men and women wrestle with: Who am I created to BE? (a design question); What am I made to DO? (a purpose question); and Where am I to GO? (a position question).
Our facilitation team for this highly interactive and practical session is led by Todd Wilson, entrepreneurial engineer and founding CEO of Exponential; Winfield Bevins, apostolic artist, church planter, and Director of the Center for Church Multiplication at Asbury Seminary; Greg Wigfield, church planter, business leader, and real estate developer; and Andy Graham, Innovation Strategist and lead Creative Director for Catapult. This experience will help you unpack a practical framework and tools for discovering your unique personal calling. Throughout the session, the facilitation team will share their unique stories and experiences as they lead you through a process of developing a simple statement of your unique personal calling. 
We will also cover topics like the ones below.
 Unpacking the three key questions that point us to our calling
 Discovering how God has already written a unique story in our lives that points us to our calling
 Understanding the differences between our general/common calling and special/unique calling
 Redefining success through the lens of our unique contribution to God’s plans
 Embracing the reality that discovering our unique personal calling is a life-long entrepreneurial journey
 Reviewing various tools and practical steps

Speakers: Todd Wilson, Winfield Bevins, Greg Wigfield, Andy Graham

Becoming a BreakThrough Church

Becoming a BreakThrough Church – Hosted by Courage to Lead

Join the CourageousPastors Team as we talk about subjects like: Kickstarting Momentum in Your Church; Structuring Your Church For The Next Level; Raising the Evangelistic Temperature In Our Church; Breaking A Growth Barrier In A Day; Weaponzing Your Weekends; Creating a Life-Giving Ministry Culture; Building a Killer Team; and more! Every Team who registers for this preconference is eligible for a 1:1 Coaching Session with a Ministry Coach!

Speakers: Shawn Lovejoy, Rusty George, Kevin Lloyd, Matt Piland, Adam Bishop

Beyond Rhetoric to Results: Building a Healthy Multiethnic, Just, Intelligent, and Sustainable Church

Beyond Rhetoric to Results: Building a Healthy Multiethnic, Just, Intelligent,  and Sustainable Church – Hosted by Mosaix Global Network

It’s been said (even prior to the pandemic) that most pastors today are only managing decline. Such a statement (whether true or not) calls attention to declining attendance, public interest, giving, budgets, and more, today challenging pastors and planters seeking to launch a church or (in existing churches) to advance mission, avoid layoffs, and keep the doors open. Where true, the statement likely describes leaders (vocational and lay) chasing 20th century metrics in the 21st.

The Bible tells us that the men of Issachar understood the times and knew what was good for Israel to do, (1 Chronicles 12:32). This assumes that a) times do change and b) leaders correctly discern the moment in order to make good decisions for their organizations with the future in mind.

In this pre-conference hosted by the Mosaix Global Network, you will learn from proven, forward-thinking guides that will share the why, how, and what of disruptive innovation as a model for 21st century church planting, growth, and development. Whether your congregation is currently growing, plateauing, or declining or you are a church planter, pastor, denominational or network leader, this pre-conference will provide you with the understanding, language, and tools needed to challenge conventional wisdom, promote promising new practices, and bring others onboard even in uncertain times and those that surely lie ahead.

Speakers: Mark DeYmaz, Santes Beatty, Mont Mitchell, Naeem Fazal, Kristin Mockler-Young

Brave Cities: Building Kingdom Ecosystems as a New (Actually Ancient) Way of Being the Church

Brave Cities: Building Kingdom Ecosystems as a New (Actually Ancient) Way of Being the Church – Hosted by Brave Cities

In this pre-conference, we will explore what it means to see the church as a city we build within the cities we live in or what we call Brave Cities. This session will include equipping for the following:
  • The Theology of church as a city on a hill
  • The opportunity that apostolic and prophetic enterprise avails a new economy and new mission
  • The 6 elements required to build a kingdom ecosystem
  • The new church rhythms and structures are that hold the kingdom ecosystem together


Speakers: Hugh Halter, Taylor McCall, Alan Hirsch, Rich Robinson, Brenna Varner, Mike Jarrell

Church Multiplication Through Multisite and/or Mergers

Church Multiplication Through Multisite and/or Mergers – Hosted by Jim Tomberlin and Warren Bird

The multisite movement began pre-pandemic as a space solution for megachurches and has accelerated as a reproductive strategy for healthy, growing, outreach-oriented churches. Many church planters today are starting churches with a vision to reproduce and multiply through church planting and multisite strategies. Learn the basics of launching strong and laying the groundwork for multiplication through multisite specialists and practitioners.

One opportunity-rich consequence of the multisite movement and the pandemic has made church mergers a facility and growth strategy for church planters as well as for multisite churches. Church mergers were occurring in an unprecedented way across North America pre-pandemic with over 40% of multisite campuses coming through a merger. The pandemic accelerated the merger option for many of the 250,000 stuck or struggling churches across North America. Many are discovering they can have a new beginning and/or a new pastor by merging with a multisite church or with a church planter needing a facility. In this PreConference you will learn how to initiate and navigate the church merger conversation.

Topic Include: 

  • Church Multiplication Through Multisite
  • Church Multiplication Through Better Facilities
  • Church Multiplication in Small-Population Places
  • Church Multiplication in Multiethnic Settings
  • Church Multiplication Through Mergers

Speakers: Jim Tomberlin, Warren Bird, Jeff Beachum, Dan Zimbardi, Justin Knapp, Dave Benham, Andy Addis, Alex Soler, Daniel Atondo, Brad Jenkins, Scot Camden

Church Planting Nuts & Bolts

Church Planting Nuts & Bolts – Hosted by Passion for Planting

Come fill your toolbelt with new ideas, skills, and free resources that will challenge you to weave disciple making into every aspect of your plant. On Monday, we’ll focus on disciples making disciple makers. On Tuesday, we’ll explore how to plant churches that plant churches. The sessions each day will give you helpful information, useful tools, and time to collaborate on written strategies you can walk away with and actually use!


  • Following and Fishing (Disciple Making)
  • Networking and Outreach
  • Digital Discipleship



  • Investigating Your Community
  • Fundraising
  • Building a Team from Scratch
  • Sourcing Leaders

Speakers: Brett Andrews, Phil Ling, Tom Pounder, Patrick Bradley, Sean Cronin

Discipleship, Jesus, and the Gospel

Discipleship, Jesus, and the Gospel – Hosted by

The pre-conference will explore the practical theological foundations of disciple making. Certain kinds of disciples will be created by the Jesus we preach, the gospel we uphold, and the faith we coach. What does it mean for Jesus to be the King of a kingdom? What does it mean to believe a Gospel that focuses not just on the cross, but the exaltation of Jesus and his return? What faith is saving faith and how do we disciple people into faithful faith.

Speakers: Bobby Harrington, Jim Putman, Carl Williamson, Alicia Williamson, Paul Huygebaert

Effectively Using Digital for Your Church

Effectively Using Digital for Your Church – Hosted by Leadership Network

The most common way churches utilize digital technology (broadcasting online services) is also the least effective way for churches to meet, engage, and disciple people in digital communities.

Through this Leadership Network Pre-Conference, we will discuss more intentional (and more effective) approaches to using digital, including church planting, digital discipleship, digital evangelism, and how digital built into your church’s strategy will allow your church to easily scale and multiply.

Come to Leadership Network’s digital track, and learn how to more effectively use this tool in your church.

Speakers: Mark Lutz, Jason Moore, Anne Bosarge, Tyler Sansom, John Harris, Chestly Lunday, Jeff Reed

Emotionally Healthy Discipleship

Emotionally Healthy Discipleship – Hosted by Emotionally Healthy Discipleship

Is it possible for mission and health to go together? What if health could be the pathway toward more effective mission? This Pre-Conference will explore themes of how to engage in transformational discipleship that goes beneath the surface of peoples’ lives. Among the themes we will explore (with practical tools) include:

  • A Theological Framework for Emotionally Healthy Discipleship – how and why God invites us into the emotional areas of our lives and how it can be transformational when we address these areas.
  • Going Back In Order to Go Forward – breaking free from the power of the past by the power of the gospel so that people can be set free.
  • Slowing Down to Lead Out of a Thriving Relationship with God – crafting practices and rhythms that keep us rooted in Christ in the midst of leadership.

Speaker: Drew Hyun

Escape the Church Growth Graveyard: Moving from Programs to People

Escape the Church Growth Graveyard: Moving from Programs to People – Hosted by Forge America

Do you feel caught in old paradigms of church movement? Join this precon with Forge America to explore the ways you can mobilize your church-planting, network, and church contexts by cultivating people to participate in the mission of God. More than ever before, the church needs to explore a dispersed posture as we bring the kingdom to bear in the places we live, work, and play.

Speakers: Rowland Smith, Christine Lee, Terry Ishee, Damaris Taylor, Drew Thurman, Jeremy and Monica Chambers

Evangelism in the Power of the Spirit 101

Evangelism in the Power of the Spirit 101 – Hosted by Dandelion Resourcing

We are NEVER called to witness to the lost without the clear power and authority of the Holy Spirit! NOW is the time to rediscover the ‘secret sauce’ of the early church’s immense missionary fruitfulness – allowing the Spirit to tangibly supercharge our efforts.


This Pre-Conference will show you how to graciously steer your church, ministry, or group into a greater dependency upon the Spirit in all your evangelistic efforts. You will be equipped to: Establish clear biblical foundations that can be easily taught back home; Identify the barriers to the Spirit in your culture – and how to overcome them; and Devise Spirit-empowered evangelistic strategies that will work in your specific context.


Some of the specific topics you’ll investigate will include:

  • How to grow as a bold intentional witness (discover how to increase the evangelistic courage of those you lead)
  • The 3 Circles of a Kingdom Culture (a great diagnostic tool!)
  • Why the lost are open to spiritual experiences (and thus how to see your church or ministry make the most of that)
  • Creating a specific pathway that moves believers further into effectively sharing their faith (in authentic and organic ways)
  • The 6 Gears of Conversation (see why people love the clarity this brings)
  • And much more!


Everything in this pre-conference will be designed for you to apply, share, and live out back home!

Speakers: Alex and Hannah Absalom