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Exponential 2020 Tracks

We often wrestle with how best to describe Exponential 2020 in Orlando, Florida. Yes, the event is the largest annual…

Together Episode 1: Kadi Cole talks about empowering female leaders

Kadi Cole: Together Podcast Interview with Kadi Cole As we explore our 2020 theme, Together: Pursuing the Great Collaboration, we…


10 Models of Networks – Part 1

We have been in an exciting conversation this month with Dave Ferguson and Patrick O’Connell about the Great Collaboration: how…


More Sample Chapter

The Creator of the universe uniquely designed us before we were born for specific good works that he wants us…


Fall Regional Speakers

If you haven’t heard, all of Exponential’s 2018 regional conferences feature 10 national speakers in 5 main sessions. They will…

FREE Equipping Labs

If you haven't heard, all of Exponential's 2018 regional conferences include the option to attend a free pre-conference equipping lab…


Brian Sanders on The Networked Church

Editor’s Note:  Brian Sanders is a long time friend of Exponential and will be speaking at the 2018 Exponential Conference…

Exponential 2018 Equipping Labs

Equipping Lab Planning Survey The Exponential Team is VERY excited about the 17 pre-conference Equipping Labs being offered at Exponential…


Planting Churches That End in a Movement

"Do you have a vision for your community that cannot be accomplished by your church alone?" As moderator for this…


One Gathering, One Purpose | Exponential

Looking back on Exponential East, I'm still blown away by this gathering of men and women committed to seeing God's…


From Addition to Multiplication | Todd Wilson

Multiplication carries the legacy of your church to future generations and beyond the accumulation you achieve in addition. What culture…

What Makes a Great Campus Pastor?

The campus pastor role has become one of the most strategic and sought-after staff positions in the church today. The…

Equity, Equality, and Our Disproportionate Society


Léonce Crump Live