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Learning to Invest “On-Purpose”

What do you learn from the stories of your life?   It’s a difficult question to answer, but it is…

Brian Zehr’s HeroMaker Story


Intentional Culture | Brian Zehr | Exponential

You can only be focused on a few things. - Brian Zehr In this training video from Exponential West 2015,…


An Effective Multiplying Culture in Your Church: The Three Essentials

Here in this training video for church leaders, author and leadership coach Brian Zehr shares why culture is so profoundly…


Creating a Multiplying Culture: 7 Questions for Your Team

Mark and his team planted a church in 2011. But even before they officially launched the church, a culture was…

Creating a Leadership Culture for Multiplication

We often hear of "culture" as a crucial component of the health of our church. But what is culture and…