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East Meets West | Ray Chang | DJ Chuang

The danger is that culture becomes more important than the Gospel. - Ray Chang In this podcast from Exponential West…

Second Generation Ethnic Church Planting

In this seminar, Pastors Ray Chang and DJ Chuang will look at some of the challenges and models for church…


East Meets West: Church Planting at the Intersection of Asian-American Culture

In this seminar, we will explore the future of church planting among Asian-Americans as well as the development and deployment…


Planting within the Asian-American Context

If you have a passion for planting churches in the growing multiethnic and multicultural context, this bonus session is for…


Planting Churches that are Urban, Ethnic, and Young

We will be discussing some models of urban, ethnic churches among a multi-ethnic context. As church planter, Ray Chang planted…

Reaching the Next Generation of Asian Americans


Future for the Asian American Church

Asian Americans are the fastest growing racial/ethnic group in America today, and exponential numbers of next-gen multi-Asian churches are being…

MULTI-SITE: On-Ramp to the Multi-Site Church Revolution

The number of multi-site churches has grown exponentially worldwide from around 100 in 1996 to more than 5,000 by 2012.…