Efrem Smith

Efrem Smith is an internationally recognized preacher who also consults on issues of multi-ethnicity, leadership and community development. Currently, Efrem is the superintendent of the Pacific Southwest Conference of the Evangelical Covenant Church, and an itinerant speaker with Kingdom Building Ministries. As founding pastor of the Sanctuary Covenant Church in Minneapolis, he also served as president of the Sanctuary Community Development Corporation. Efrem is the author of the books Raising Up Young Heroes, The Hip Hop Church and Jump. Married to Donecia, the couple has two daughters, Jaeda and Mireya. He and his family reside in the Bay Area of Northern California.

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Living Together in Unity

We are all very familiar with the Great Commission and the challenge to Go. There has been much taught on…

Christ Was Born into Poverty | Efrem Smith | Exponential

The Scriptures are clear that Christ was born into poverty as an oppressed minority. The only begotten Son of God,…


FIVE DISCIPLESHIP SHIFTS: From Activity to Relationship

Efrem Smith shows us that a church is not about keeping people busy with activity, but instead Christ-centered relationships. Jesus'…


Missional and Multi-Ethnic

As a leader in the multiethnic conversation and a church planter, Efrem Smith will focus on what it looks like…


A Developmental and Holistic Approach to Family Ministry

In this Exponential 2012 podcast, Efrem Smith will provide a practical theology and ministry models for a holistic and missional…

The Post-Black, Post-White Church

In this Exponential 2012 podcast, Efrem Smith speaks on the post-black, post-white church. The local church must be both multi-ethnic…


The Core Team: Kingdom Laborship and Church Planting


Efrem Smith Main Session


Transformation of a Reproducing Leader


Beyond Outreach - Building Relationships One Act of Service at a Time

2009 Exponential Conference Pre-Launch Track.  Outreach and community service demonstrate God's love in practical ways and meet people where they…


Church Planting That Transforms Community

2009 Exponential Conference Nuts and Bolts Track.  Explore a theology as well as organic and programmatic strategies for community development…

Church Planting that Engages Culture

2009 Exponential Conference Nuts and Bolts Track.  Explore theology and ministry models for engaging culture for Kingdom purposes.


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