Jessie Cruickshank

Jessie Cruickshank is a nationally recognized expert in both the fields of neuroeducation and experiential education. She has spent over a decade applying neuroeducation research to experiential education, adventure education, discipleship, and ministry training.

Jessie completed her Ed.M. in Harvard’s Mind, Brain, and Education program. She has edited several books on the application of neuroscience and cognitive psychology to the field of education, and co-authored several publications including “Understanding and Mastering Complexity: Co-Constructed Learning Enhances Understanding,” Information Age Newsletter edited by Robert Sylwester and “Evolving Kolb: Experiential Education in the Age of Neuroscience,” published in the Journal of Experiential Education.

Jessie served as a state-side missionary for 15 years at Solid Rock Outdoor Ministries (SROM) as the Program Director and Administrative Director, helping SROM become the premier Christian outdoor program in the world and an international leader in discipleship and ministry training. As a licensed Foursquare minister, she currently serves as the Director of Leadership Development in the Gateway District. She also serves as member of the Foursquare National Church education team and as a Trustee of Life Pacific College.

Jessie is also a core team member of 100Movements, focusing on assessing APEST in organizations, developing authentic learning environments and building communitas. She is a philosopher, neuro-ecclesiologist, disciple-maker, and a student of generational dynamics and theology.

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