Kevin Haah
Kevin Haah went from being a young urban single out of Cornell Law School to getting married (Grace), having three kids (Kaetlyn, and twins Eliana and Bennett), making partner at a prestigious law firm, giving up law to pursue a Master in Divinity at Fuller Theological Seminary, and becoming a pastor and a church planter.
Kevin is the planter and the lead pastor of New City Church of Los Angeles (, a multi-ethnic, multi-socioeconomic church in downtown Los Angeles.
Kevin is also an adjunct professor at Fuller Seminary in Pasadena and serves as a church planting coach and a co-catalyst of the LA Church Planting Movement. He is also one contributors of the book, Starting Missional Church: Life with God in the Neighborhood (IVP 2014).
In his off hours, you might find him reading a book, having a theological conversation with his kids, running a marathon, or biking with his family.

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