Ron Edmondson
CEO of Leadership Network

Ron Edmondson is a pastor, teacher and church leadership consultant and currently the CE0 of Leadership Network. Leadership Network has a huge footprint in helping church achieve Kingdom growth. Prior to this, Ron pastored for 16 years, leading in two church plants and two revitalizations. Ron believes the church should be a positive influencer for change in a community. Ron spent over 20 years in the business world and served as an elected city councilperson and vice-mayor and on dozens of national, state, and local non-profit boards. Ron is the author of The Mythical Leader — 7 Myths of Leadership.

Articles + Resources


Drew Hyun – Church Campaign

[s3mm type="video" s3bucket="expo_video" files="Made for More Videos/drew-hyun-1.mp4" size="responsive" splash="" /] Click HERE to check out the FREE Made for More Church…

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Ron Edmondson CEO | Leadership Network At the beginning of each year, but also scattered throughout the year, as a…


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The Movements and the Craveable Church

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