Ben Hardman

Founder, Kingdom Dreams Initiative

Ben Hardman is the founder of Kingdom Dreams Initiative. He has been a leadership consultant for the last 15 years coaching thousands of leaders and helping launch entrepreneurial endeavors. He is an author, pastor, and entrepreneur. Ben has spent his professional life doing 3 things: helping dreamers launch their impact ideas; leading, developing, and growing nonprofits to a place of rapid expansion and transformation; and coaching leaders to become their best selves.

Ben has raised over $30 million for nonprofit organizations he has led and has had the privilege of working with others to raise the capital required to achieve their dreams. He has coached thousands of leaders helping them both reach their goals and still remain men and women of character after they do. Ben’s vision is to give the second half of his life to helping others achieve their dreams of impact and transformation and to be the guy behind the scenes of thousands of redemptive and beautiful visions of flourishing.

Ben and his wife Sarah live in Marietta, Georgia, and have three amazing children who they believe are going to change the world!