Cory Hartman

Cory Hartman

Global Voice Developer, New Generations

Cory is the global voice developer for New Generations, a missions organization that launches disciple-making movements (DMM). His role is to mine the team’s extraordinary expertise in DMM, define it, refine it, and then write it for a global audience.

Prior to joining New Generations, Cory was a collaborative writer and toolmaker with The Future Church Co. and similarly served a range of Christian leaders and organizations under the auspices of my own enterprise, Fulcrum Content. Before that he served as a pastor in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. He loves history and earned a Doctor of Ministry degree with a thesis on 19th-century educator, revivalist, publisher, and abolitionist Mansfield French.

Cory was raised in central New York and educated in Indiana and Massachusetts. Today he lives in central Pennsylvania with his wife, Kelly, and their four children.

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