Cory Ozbun

Catalyst, Mobilizer, and Trainer, Kansas City Underground

Cory Ozbun has been a pastor and leader in the church since 2007, and has been actively engaged in multiplicative disciplemaking and microchurch ministry since 2015. After helping a local jail ministry adopt disciple-making movement strategies, Cory was part of a move of God that helped see hundreds of inmates come to Jesus. This movement spilled to the outside, producing a network of microchurches consisting of mostly men from the incarcerated and addiction communities.

Cory, his wife Suz, and their three kids (Sam, Nate, and Hannah) live in Kansas City, where they are actively engaged in many streams of coaching relationships working towards movement. They also host a microchurch with their neighbors and friends. In late 2018, Cory and a handful of other leaders with similar burdens for the city launched the Kansas City Underground, where he primarily serves as a catalyst, mobilizer, and trainer.



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