Darryl and Steph Answer

Founders, New Community Church

Darryl and Stephanie Answer are CCD practitioners in Kansas City, Missouri. Darryl was born and raised in London, England, while Stephanie is from the Kansas City area. Together they do community work in neighborhoods on the eastside of Kansas City. After a few years of living in their neighborhood and building relationships, they invited a small group of neighbors to a Bible study in their home. This was the birth of the New Community Church. Today, New Community Church exists to build community, make disciples, and be the church. They do this by being a spiritual family of grace, healing, and liberation; being missional disciples who follow Jesus and live out their calling; and by being deeply rooted in their neighborhoods. They bear witness to the power of presence while living an integrated faith, being a good neighbor, and helping ordinary people follow Jesus and live out their purpose. Their desire is to see wholistic transformation of neighborhoods through the good news of the Kingdom of God.