Darryl Answer

Co-Pastor, New Community Church

Darryl Answer was born and raised in London, England. He currently co-pastors New Community Church with his wife Stephanie. After a few years of living in their neighborhood and building relationships, they invited a small group of neighbors to a Bible study in their home. This was the birth of New Community Church. Today, New Community exists to build community, make disciples, and be the church. They do this through a network of spiritual families who collectively live as followers of Jesus, live out their calling, and are deeply rooted in their neighborhoods. 

Darryl is also the founder of Verge Solutions LLC and has served in a variety of leadership roles within churches, non-profit organizations, and in community development organizations. Darryl works in neighborhoods as a mobilizer and connector of residents and institutions around their shared vision for community. Through Verge Solutions LLC, Darryl provides consulting, training, and facilitation for organizations and communities in the areas of entrepreneurial mindset (ELI), shared equity housing, and community development through an Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) lens. 

Darryl and Stephanie live in Kansas City, MO with their two children, Jaidyn and Kian, and their hyper-active mini goldendoodle, Bruno. 


June 26, 2023

Cultivating Kingdom Imagination

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