Dr. Gary Moritz

Lead Pastor of City United Church

Dr. Gary Moritz is the lead pastor of City United Church in Lunenburg, MA. City United Church has been featured in Outreach Magazine as one of the 100 Top Reproducing Churches in America, was awarded the Tyndale Publishers Church Comeback Award through Church Answers and has been featured in podcasts to tell the God-story of renewal and revitalization. City United and its team continue to foster leaders and churches to health and vitality by providing resources, development, and counseling to advance the movement of the Gospel in New England and around the United States. The Lord called their family to New England in 2013 to take over a church in bankruptcy and in need of church revitalization through a pastoral succession. The call to step into a hard place and do the hard things so that God gets the glory is evident, as is His ability to multiply supportive movements throughout New England. City United also partners with other like-minded, missional organizations that are planting sustainable churches and making disciples with multiplication results all over the world.

Gary is gifted in creativity, futuristic thinking, systems, strategic renewal, conflict resolution, and leadership by galvanizing teams that establish a vision for the future. He loves to spend time with his family and enjoys downtime playing saxophone, drums, and vibraphone.

Gary works for Liberty University as a Subject Matter Expert in Church Revitalization and as an assistant professor in the online School of Divinity. He serves alongside Leadership Network and Exponential as part of their creative think tanks and Venture Partner’s family. He also serves as the part-time Director of Church Revitalization for the Baptist Churches of New England, whose focus is to provide an established network of support for pastors and churches in New England so they can thrive.

Gary established the Church Vitality Network, an online network for churches to find health in pastoring, revitalization, and renewal through a digital hub. 

Gary is married to Jana Moritz, and they are a ministry team, involved in serving the local church side-by-side. They have been part of many book projects during the creative process for other leading authors. However, they recently launched their own book project, Carry On: Tactical Strategies for Church Revitalization and Renewal. They have two incredible daughters leading and serving Generation Z, Generation Alpha, and the local church.