John Wentz

Executive Director, Alpha USA

After seven years serving Alpha USA (Executive Vice President of Ministry) and Alpha International (Church Engagement and Training Strategy), John Wentz steps in as the Executive Director of Alpha USA May 1, 2022.

Since joining the Alpha USA team in 2015, John has led the expansion of regional networks, invested in the growth of context ministries (youth, prisons, Catholic), and improved training nationally and internationally. He also developed the hub church strategy and designed the core of Alpha USA’s church engagement framework, both of which are now being implemented globally.

With 23 years of pastoral experience, John has impacted many churches, ministry leaders, and college students across the world. He is a gifted communicator, trainer and coach, and has a heart for people from different cultures. John and his wife Shannon have been married for 22 years and have three children, Luke, Logan and Mikayla. Their family currently resides in Oswego, Illinois, outside of Chicago.

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