Lady T’Mil

Lady T’Mil Curtis

Marketplace Coach, Consultant, and Virtual Trainer

Lady T’Mil is a marketplace coach, consultant and virtual trainer in the area of management, marketing, music, media and production via her company, It’s Lady T’Mil Agency. She is a content curator and strategist that’s released multiple digital products while helping others create their own. She’s co-owner of We Here Now Music Group, marketing director for VGNBae Music Group and strategy liaison of The CDUB Brand. In June of 2021, she launched the Ministry GPS that helps pastors, ministries and non-profits establish their virtual presence. She’s a blogger, virtual operations director, and producer. She holds a dual master’s in Christian education and pastoral counseling and has earned several certifications in digital marketing and virtual operations. She’s also obtained a few coaching certifications that include life coach, career coach, and success coach.