Matt Engel

Steward of Ministry Innovation, GLOO

Matt Engel has held a distinguished position as a senior leader and adjunct faculty member at Arizona State University. During his tenure, he employed data, analytics, and strategic messaging to achieve notable advancements in student enrollment and retention rates over nine years. Subsequently, Mr. Engel received a calling to employ his knowledge and expertise as a pastor at a local church in Phoenix, Arizona. This led to his engagement in assisting other churches, ministries, and denominations in embracing a more spiritually guided, Christ-centered, and data-informed approach.

 In addition to his pastoral responsibilities, Engel is recognized as a renowned speaker and author of Fourteen Fridays. Furthermore, he has become a subject matter expert in the Decision Science and Growth Engagement Strategy domains. By spearheading the largest coalition of forward-thinking churches, comprising some of the most influential congregations in the United States, he has garnered recognition for his exceptional proficiency in aiding church leaders in fulfilling their divine mission. This is achieved by transforming intricate research and datasets into actionable insights with quantifiable outcomes, employing a methodology of rapid experimentation.

Residing in Northern Arizona with his spouse, Denise, and their two children, Engel also assumes the responsibility of caring for their elderly in-laws. He is a doctoral candidate for a degree in Christian leadership, with a focused research area centered on transformational leadership in times of liminality.



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