Molly Soderstrom

Molly’s journey began as the youngest of five siblings, but her life took a transformative turn when her dance teacher introduced her to the gospel and she became the first believer in her family. Since then, Molly has embraced a mission-driven life, dedicated to empowering ordinary disciples to make a meaningful impact for Jesus. Her passion for connecting with individuals in their 20s and 30s was solidified after her college years. For 11 years, she helped spearhead the launch of disciple-making movements on college campuses. However, a higher calling led her to Denver, where she has  played a pivotal role in establishing The Brook, a vibrant community for young professionals investigating how to have a great life, great relationships, and know God. Recognizing the significance of the digital world in people’s lives, Molly and her team decided to embark on an unconventional path. They launched an online movement before establishing a physical presence, believing that it was where people truly lived. In May 2020, Molly sensed God’s divine affirmation and took a leap of faith. Ever since, The Brook has harnessed the power of media to foster a movement that starts with individuals connecting online, then being brought offline into in person events and relationships. This innovative approach has effectively connected individuals in their 20s and 30s to The Brook, leading to personal transformations, strengthened discipleship, and the formation of 46 “simple churches” throughout the city.