Noel Thomas

Co-Founder, Zero Trafficking

Noel Thomas co-founded Zero Trafficking to develop machine learning augmented analysis and bring high-quality intelligence to the human trafficking fight. Noel was first exposed to Human Trafficking while touring internationally with his rock band when someone passed him a flyer raising awareness about human trafficking. The reality of people in bondage and modern-day slavery had a profound impact on Noel. This moment became the genesis of Noel’s fight against human trafficking. While Noel was in India, researching trafficking brothels he witnessed law enforcement facilitate the sale of a little girl. That moment solidified Noel’s journey to fight human trafficking. While he is still an avid bass guitarist, Noel went on to found a non-profit raising awareness about human trafficking in the United States. His work in the community led to his appointment as the Statewide Anti-Trafficking Coordinator for Florida’s Department of Children and Families. His more recent work has included educating specialists on terror and trafficking networks, training technical fields for identification, and developing pilot programs as he works to manage the development of counter-trafficking technology and data solutions.