Øivind Augland

CEO, Exponential Europe

Øivind has been a pastor and church planter within the Evangelical Lutheran Free Church of Norway for the past 25 years. He led the national church planting network for ten years, and through that became the founder of the M4 church planting network in Europe (m4europe.com). M4 is currently working in 15 European nations. Øivind has also initiated the NC2P (National Church Planting Process). The goal for the NC2P network in Europe is to mobilize the entire body of Christ in a nation, so that they work together to respond strategically to the need for church planting in their nation. Øivind is founder and co-owner of Xpand Norway and Persolog Norway. Øivind’s call in life is to bring unity and multiplication to the body of Christ: Unity: To bring people from all nations, generations, denominations and ministries to work side-by-side in expanding the Kingdom of God (Nehemiah 3:1ff). Multiplication: To train others who can then train others in a life of grace and truth (2 Timothy 2:2). Øivind is married to Linda and together they have four adult children.