Shane Stacey

Co-founder, Clarity House

Shane is the co-founder of Clarity House, a coaching and consulting organization that helps churches take their next step into a disciple-making future they can believe in. He has served in and alongside local churches as a pastor, coach, and consultant for the past 25 years. Before joining Clarity House, Shane served as the executive director of Denominee, where he helped over 40 denominational and network teams lead with greater clarity and synergy.

Shane also had the honor of serving as part of the national team for the Evangelical Free Church of America where he trained and coached ministry leaders in  building a disciple-making culture that flows from a disciplemaking way of life.

Shane lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with his wife Heather. He has three young adult children. Shane can be reached by email at


December 18, 2023

Game Changer

Over the last several years, we have had the opportunity to talk to literally thousands of different pastors. By far, the most repeated conversation that...