Stacy Gaskins

International Planting Team | Underground Network

Stacy Gaskins is part of the Underground Network’s international planting team where her primary work is to equip movement leaders to plant missional hubs that will empower everyday missionaries in their cities. Locally she is part of a home-based microchurch and does mentoring, street and club outreach with Created — a microchurch to vulnerable women in the sex industry in Tampa, Florida. Stacy has been part of the Tampa Underground since it began 20 years ago and has served as a microchurch coach and Governing Elder. Previously, she served as the Regional Director for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA in the state of Florida, leading the staff team in planting student movements.



October 10, 2022

LNP9 | Who Can Lead a Microchurch?

Guest: Stacy Gaskins International Planting Team | Underground Network Church leadership has often been confined to a select few. In fact, the idea of “calling”...

May 5, 2022

Microchurch Leaders: Who can lead and how do they emerge?

A young, bubbly woman came into our network’s missionary hub one day. She seemed like a free-spirited, high energy, positive person, maybe even a little...