Stuart McPherson

VR Campus Pastor, Lakeland Community Church

Stuart McPherson is the VR Campus pastor at Lakeland Community Church in Lake Geneva, WI. He has been in ministry for 10 years doing everything from youth to adult ministry, and now digital ministry. Stuart is not your traditional pastor, he has tattoos and piercing but Loves Jesus a ton! Others would say he is crazy about his family, CrossFit, and the Church.
Additionally, Stuart also is the host of the “Stu on This” Podcast and Co-host of the “Life in Rhythm” podcast.
Stuart describes himself as a straight shooter and has three main Loves in his life 1. Jesus, 2. His Family and 3. Chips and Salsa. Stuart believes that any restaurant that serves chips and salsa should give the table two baskets. One for the table and one just for him. You can find out more about Stuart at