Taylor Rogers

Taylor seeks to be faithful: as a follower of Christ, a husband to Ashley (16 years), a father to Abigael, Nathanael, and Esther, and as a leader in the Wildfire Network. Taylor has never lived outside of Texas, yet he has a passion for a multiethnic perspective and cross-cultural approach to life and ministry. He was brought up in a strict church tradition that largely denied the current and ongoing activity of the Holy Spirit, yet he seeks to walk daily in a relational response to Holy Spirit. His favorite music is “local music” and his favorite food is usually biscuits and gravy. He is both agreeable and contrarian at the same time. He enjoys working with his hands, and helping make other people’s dreams come true. 

He responded to a call to ministry 20 years ago, and has spent most of that time working on staff (youth pastor, community minister) at various Christian organizations, including 7 years with the Journey Fellowship Campus of Oak Hills Church in San Antonio prior to launching the Wildfire Network in 2017. Much of his heart and vision for ministry was formed during his time in waco, partially through the studies at Baylor and Truett Seminary, and more viscerally through relationships within the Waco community and exposure to the life and teachings of Jimmy Dorrell – a Christian Community Development worker and founder of Mission Waco and Church Under the Bridge.