Podcast: Church Facilities in a Post-COVID World

March 17, 2021


As an architecture firm that works almost exclusively with churches and Christian schools, we (Building God's Way) would be less than honest if we did not confess to allowing our collective joy to slip away every now and again during the roller coaster ride of 2020. With 129 faith-based projects currently in active design or construction stages, we have walked along this path of uncertainty with many church leaders over the past year, offering our best counsel on how to move forward with sound stewardship.

So what have we learned through these challenging times? While we know that the ways that churches will minister to their communities are changing perhaps in ways that will be permanent, we firmly believe (and we have seen) that faithful followers of God will not pull back on their charge to be ministers of the gospel. The church will prevail.

Coming through this time of uncertainty, we are seeing 2 opportunities emerge for churches to expand or remodel in affordable and financially sustainable ways. Learn about the available opportunities, advantages and key considerations in converting retail and commercial buildings for worship. Also learn about the opportunities to leverage church buildings more effectively 7 days a week through the integration of professionally managed child care centers. Learn 3 key factors in determining whether a for-profit child care center could be a viable business model to pursue on your property.

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