The Power of Questions

February 16, 2017


Sometimes asking questions leads us to greater things than just the answers. I think that’s why Jesus asked so many questions during His ministry—more than 300 recorded in the gospels—and why He’s still challenging us with questions today.

Ever notice how the Holy Spirit’s conviction often comes in the form of a question? He knows that when we ask honest questions of ourselves and of the people around us, we learn more deeply who we are, what drives us, what scares us, etc. He uses questions to help us discover where our past and present behaviors diverge from His ways. In a sense, Jesus facilitates hard, sometimes tension-laden conversations through questions that bring us to honest revelation—and God’s promises for our lives and our churches.

That’s why we’re thrilled about our newest FREE resource, released this week. Dream Big Questions is a supplemental workbook to our recently released book, Dream Big, Plan Smart: Finding Your Way to Level 5 Multiplication. We designed it to work in tandem with the book and help you and your team to ask and respond to questions that get at the heart of what it takes to pursue multiplication and be a multiplying church.

In addition to Dream Big Questions, we’re releasing several other FREE multiplication resources below. We hope you’ll take advantage of these tools and use them to begin what I believe will be challenging yet clarifying conversations with your team as you become a church that God uses to advance His Kingdom.

The Keys to Culture and the Human Heart – Alan Hirsch explores ways in which we can interpret the existential issues that people face, the symbols and stories they use, as well as how the yearning of unbelievers can help us find new and appropriate ways in which to communicate the ancient Gospel.

A Missional Agenda for Neighborhood Transformation – Michael Frost shares practical steps, gleaned from his own long-term experience in neighborhood transformation, for following God into mission wherever he has planted you.

When the Good News Move into Your Neighborhood – Lance Ford explains what it looks like when we view our neighborhoods as the place in which the Lord has placed us … to serve him and accomplish his purposes.

Engage God’s Mission Where You Live, Work and Play – Brad Brisco discusses the topics of biblical hospitality in and through our homes (1st place), understanding how God has placed us in a vocation for His missional purposes (2nd place), and what it means to identify, create, and support 3rd Places in our communities.

Re-Imagining Your 9-5 – Dave Rhodes shares the key to living out your calling is not just about “what” you do. In fact, he would suggest it has more to do with “how” you do it.

Leadership Development – Mac Lake explains how you can implement a leadership development strategy to build up new leaders and allow your church to grow and reach more people.

The Key Competency of Leadership – Leadership isn’t about being a visionary or being exceptionally creative. In this training video, Brett Andrews explains that leadership is about hearing and obeying God.

Our partners at Leadership Network are currently doing a survey on church planting.  Click here to take the survey.

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