Practical Multiplication Episode 3: Tensions

August 31, 2020


This show highlights Exponential’s core church multiplication frameworks with a focus on the everyday, practical nature of how the concepts can help pastors and church planters make disciples and multiply churches.

The focus will be to introduce Exponential’s frameworks and bring them to life through conversation and story with Ralph Moore, Myron Pierce, and an “in the trenches” leader who is putting the particular episodes framework into practice.

Each of the guests embodies the practices of multiplication as living examples of various stages along the Multiplier’s journey.

In Episode 3, Ralph and Myron will interview Zac Nazarian about internal and external tensions.

“What’s necessary is a healthy outflow of water,” writes Ralph Moore in a recent article. “Think of a river delta. A delta functions in reverse to tributaries, fanning out as it delivers water to the sea. People flow both into and out of any church. Every church experiences an outflow due to people moving away or even becoming disgruntled. But healthy churches are missional in their outflow, giving people away as they multiply congregations at home and abroad.”

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