Practical Multiplication Episode 8 – Multiplying Microchurches

October 5, 2020


In Episode 8, Ralph and Myron interview Jason Shepperd, founding and Lead Pastor of Church Project in The Woodlands, Texas.

“Church Project began with a mission to rethink church and return to the essence of leading, gathering and living the way Christ and the early church intended,” says Shepperd. “Our intent is to be unashamedly biblical, irreducibly simple, understandably relevant to all, and radically generous. We are an organism, not an organization. We believe that Christ changes lives and that His church can be the most powerful influence of love and change on the planet. We want to change the way people see Christ, Christians, and the Church.”

This show highlights Exponential’s core church multiplication frameworks with a focus on the everyday, practical nature of how the concepts can help pastors and church planters make disciples and multiply churches.

This weekly show brings Exponential’s frameworks to life through conversation and story with Ralph Moore, Myron Pierce, and an “in the trenches” leader who is putting the particular episodes framework into practice.

Each of the guests embodies the practices of multiplication as living examples of various stages along the Multiplier’s journey.

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